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Peptides, Peptides & More Peptides. Peptides LOVE your skin. Contributes to firmer, healthier, glowing skin. Peptides are amino acid molecules that are small enough to penetrate into the deep layers of skin where they stimulate collagen & elastin production. The healthier the under layer of the skin is, the faster clellular turn-over occurs, reducing dull dead cells & creating healthy new skin cells faster. Over-all contributes to plumper, firmer, healthier looking skin.

Peptides help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, tightens & firms, moisturizers, improves skins barrier, eases inflammation,  can help clear breakouts.

Use this group of products daily, morning & night & see over-all skin improved in just a few weeks.  

What you get; 

125ml - My Coconut Lime Balancing Cleanser - use a small pea size on a sponge & gently cleanse in small circles. Rinse well with lukewarm water. Use morning & night. 

7ml - My Bio Growth Factor Serum. Concentrated with peptides & antioxidants. Apply 2 to 3 drops to finger tips & gently massage into face while skin is still damp immediately after cleansing. Apply every morning just before applying My Hydrating Mineral Glam Glow. Not necessary for eye area as you'll be applying the Eye Crème next.

15ml - My Cucumber Peptide Eye Crème.  Immediately after cleansing, while skin is still damp, apply a tiny amount to a pinky finger & gently dab along the delicate skin surrounding the eyes then work it in with gentle outward & upward strokes. A little goes a long way. Use morning & night.

15ml - My Hydrating Mineral Glam Glow. This is an all natural Mineral based moisturizer for all skin types & tones. As an added bonus, this fabulous moisturizer has a natural 18 SPF.  Don't let the color fool you, it's NOT make-up.  The wonderful scent & tint comes from all natural ingredients.  When applied, it goes on silky, smooth & dissappears into the skin. Feels so smooth & glamorous, your skin really will glow with no oily or tacky residue.  Apply a pea sized amount to face & neck every morning as your daytime moisturizer, immediately after applying My Bio Growth Factor Serum & My Cucumber Peptide Eye Crème.

15ml - My plant Stem Cell & Kombucha Crème. Loaded with MORE skin loving Peptides & antioxidants, apply this beautifully, silky, non greasy, Super Hydrating moisturizer. With it's amazing anti-aging properties, this is a true nourishing skin food. Helps repair damage created by sun & environmental stressors. Apply a pea sized amount every night immediately after cleansing & applying the Cucumber Peptide Eye Crème

Like all products manufactured for My Face Place, these are Canadian made & 100% plant based.

Remember, Aging Is A Privilege, Aging Well Is A Gift