When We Talk About "Hydrafacial" Do You Just Hear "Blah, Blah, Blah..."?

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So What Does Hydrafacial Involve, EXACTLY?  Well, Let's Explain, EXACTLY.

First, let's answer some questions many of you have been asking. 

- Is Hydrafacial Treatments Safe For all skin types? Yes, with very few exceptions, including some medical conditions, such as cancer and certain autoimmune disorders. Anyone with these types of conditions may need to consult with their doctor before starting treatments.  Hydrafacial is a safe and effective facial treatment for almost everyone.

-Do I Need To Prepare In Any Way Before The Treatments?  Yes, there are some precautionary measures to take take so you'll experience optimal results without risk of damaging your skin. If it's summer, we ask you do not have any direct sun exposure for a few weeks. We don't mean hybernate, just don't get sunburned and always use sunblock. Hydrafacial is actually great to help repair & exfoliate the dead dry layers of sun-kissed skin, but we don't do it on sunburned skin.

We also ask that you do not use any harsh cleansers, scrubs or peels for two weeks. Also no other types of facials for two weeks before, including Microneedling. If You've had botox or fillers, you'll need to wait two weeks before having your hydrafacial treatment.

Although hydrafacial treatments are fairly gentle & non invasive, it's a good idea to have a consultation before starting treatments.  At My Face Place, we never charge for consultations. We do a complete skin analysis as well as a medical history review to be sure hydrafacial treatments are right for you.  We can also determine if a bi-weekly or monthly visits are best or if your skin will benefit by adding a secondary treatment such as Microneedling to target other conditions such as scars from previous trauma or acne. We also review your home skincare routine & discuss the foods you're eating to be sure you're receiving the proper skin-loving nutrients. 

- Is Hydrafacial Painful. I Have Very Sensitive Skin?  No, absolutely not. hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people even those with ultra sensitive skin.  Some components create a slight tingling, heat or pressure. But not pain.

- Is Hydrafacial Beneficial For Everyone At Any Age? Yes, pretty much. We can safely start treatments for men, women & them, as early as 14 years of age and up. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to have parental consent signed. 

- Are Hydrafacial Treatments One Size Fits All? Absolutely not. Each device on the hydrafacial machine has a specific function & adjustable settings for the specific skincare needs of each client. 

- Is Hydrafacial Safe For Acne Prone Skin? Definitely. Some of our clients in their teens as well as some adults are struggling with skin congestion due to dead skin cell buildup, bacteria, excessive oil production, hormonal imbalance, using incorrect home care products & environmental pollution.  These are just some factors that contribute from mild to severe acne breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads & whiteheads. Regular bi-weekly hydrafacial Treatments exfoliate & clean the skin deeply to decongest, clear & stimulate new skin cells for much clearer, healthier looking skin. 

- Is Hydrafacial Beneficial For Dry, Mature Or Aging Skin? Hydrafacial is a great treatment to help combat the signs of aging skin. We always start with exfoliating & a deep cleaning to remove dead skin cells that accent wrinkles & fine lines and makes skin look dull & unhealthy. Then we use devices on the hydrafacial machine  that feed specialized serums deep into the skin that truly hydrates, stimulate skin firming,  tightening &  brightening. With regular scheduled treatments, you'll see a visible improvement in just a few short weeks.

- Are There Benefits Of Hydrafacial Treatments If I Have Relatively Normal Skin With No Obvious Problems?  Hydrafacial is a great treatment to start on a regular bases even if you are not fighting any type of skin conditions. It's a great way to maintain a healthy natural glow. Regular  Hydrafacial treatments help keep skin fresh, clean and healthy looking as it removes debris from deep inside pores that can eventually cause whiteheads & blackheads. It exfoliates the dead skin cell layer that tends to accumulate at the top layer of skin, blocking pores & making skin look dull & unhealthy. It also helps your skin stay ahead of visible signs of aging by that eventually creep up on all of us.

- What Types Of Cleansers & Products Are Used During Hydrafacial Treatments At My Face Place?  All of our cleansers, serums, lotions, toners & masks are 100% natural, very effective, vegan friendly & made in Canada.  The products we incorporate during treatment, target your specific skincare needs, whether its for acne prone skin, stressed skin, environmentally congested, dry, aging & mature as well as for ultra sensitive and normal skin. Your treatments are customized just for you.

- Is Hydrafacial For The Face Only?  No, absolutely not.  Although treatment for the face is most common, the face is not the only place we have skin issues. We always include the neck area for all facials. Sometimes conditions such as acne, dry flaking or congested skin can be found on the chest and back areas, the backs of the hands, even arms and legs.  Hydrafacial can be done almost anywhere on the body that a little extra TLC is needed.

- How Often Should I Come For Hydrafacials? To begin with we recommend once every two weeks for your first four treatments, then reduce to once every four to six weeks depending on your specific needs. 

-Is There Any Down Time Or Side Effects I should Be Aware Of? What Is The Aftercare Protocol?  There is no downtime, just some basic aftercare instructions &  precautions. Other than slight pinkness due to the stimulating & exfoliating effects, there is no discomfort at all and no healing time is needed. You can carry on with your day as usual, just follow our aftercare instructions.

If you have exceptionally ultra-sensitive skin, extremely dry or sun-kissed skin, you may feel some slight tightening & see some flaking after a day or two or three.  We offer lovely a gentle scrub and a cucumber calming cream that keep this in check.

Unlike other treatments such as Microdermabrasion which can be quite abrasive, hydrafacial uses a gentle non-abrasive exfoliating technique while intensity hydrating the skin with natural antioxidant rich serums or oxygenated purified water at the same time leaving the skin clean and hydrated. 

We ask that you do not wash your face and do not apply make-upfor 24 hours. Do not apply anything we didn't recommend, such as moisturizers with Glycolic acid or Retinyl, these can be very irritating immediately after treatment. You should not have other types of facials and no direct sun exposure for two weeks after.  No hot saunas, no steam rooms, no strenuous exercise, no swimming in chlorinated pools for a few days to one week after.

Let's Look At Each Device Of The Machine.

Keep in mind, not all components need to be used on all skin typs.  We always start with a light cleanser using sponges to remove any surface debris. 

Below is a list of the devices on the machine we use, in the order of use and how each device functions.

- Skin Scrubber -This is used on almost everyone.  It looks like a small paint scraper. It helps  loosen dead skin cells, removes surface debris and forces deep seated debris, whiteheads & blackheads to come to the surface. You will feel some vibration, heat & pressure.

- Hydraderm Device - Used on everyone. This device swirls a cleansing & hydrating serum deep into the pores then simultaneously suctions it back up exfoliating the debris & dead skin cells. This leaves skin feeling super fresh, looking hydrated &  bright.

- Ultrasound Device. This is a flat round disc that is used with a serum, rich in antioxidants, selected for your skin type to help restore healthy skin cell production.  It uses sound waves to feed the serum into the deeper layers of skin.

-Radio Frequency Device. This instrument just looks like two side by side grape sized ball bearings.  It creates heat & arcs a light electrical current just under the second layer of skin stimulating the skin to tighten & lift by strengthening the skins supporting fibers.   You will feel a slight pressure & some heat. Sometimes a little  buzzing sensation. This device is not typically used on teens unless there's sagging or loose skin.

- Sprayer - Atomizer. Used on severly dry skin. Sprays oxygenated serums into the skin & enables deep penetration.

- Cold Hammer - We finish with a treatment mask based on your skincare needs. Then spray a finishing rosewater serum to calm the skin followed by the cold hammmer device.  The cold hammer does look like the working end of a big fat hammer. We slide the ice cold device along the surface of the skin to close the pores and to calm & cool the skin. 

 Voila! Your Hydrafacial treatment is complete. Don't forget to maintain your beautiful healthy glow by using "My Face Place" skincare products for your home care.  See some of our best sellers by clicking the link below. Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions. We'd love to hear from you.


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